About Me

"My vision is to inspire with a new training method for everyone,
no matter your goals or your previous experience.
A training method solemnly using your body as a counterweight. 
Calisthenics is a new way of fitness and you can join the movement.
I believe in you, I believe "Everyone Is An Athlete"

Bodyweight Training (Calisthenics)
Progressive Training & Prehab
Workshop & Performance
Group Classes

Internationally Licensed Personal Trainer
Internationally Licensed Nutritionist
Official Swedish WSWCF Organizer 
2nd Street Workout Championship of Sweden 2015
2nd Freemovr & Best Trick Bar Games 2017 

Sport Management at Dalarna University
4 Years of Calisthenics / Street Workout
1 Year of Muy Thai & Breakdance 
Official Member of Team BeastBarzz 

CEO of Douglas Ekermark EF 
Freelance PT, Instructor & Online Coach
Student at Dalarna University

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