A coaching system to maximize your results.

Here's how it works!

1. Consultation & Tests

We have a consultation then you perform a fitness test and provide before photos of your current shape for reference later.

2. Custom Program

A custom workout program with access to all +130 exercises on video is provided to you for the period based on your level and goals.

3. Online Coaching

Access my private coaching to track your progress, provide tips, help and advice to make sure you stay on track.

4. Check-Ins

The tests and photos are repeated to track your progress and lay a ground for the next period of training.

5. Easy-Payment

The coaching is subscription based, you sign up once and just focus on your training from there.


Don't take our word for it, see what others think!

Very Happy With the Service!

I think Douglas is a great personal trainer and online coach! He always has great feedback and tips and help me out whenever I need it! I was having some back issues but they're totally gone now! I needed help with my core and shoulder stability and Douglas helped me out with a training program that helped me! I've learned how to warm-up properly, my core and lower has become way stronger and the Range of Motion in my shoulder... Read more

Sebastian Johansson,
Pro Basketball Player

I Had a Lot of Fun Training With Douglas!

While organizing a trip to Stockholm from Milan Italy I did research on calisthenics and found Douglas webpage. From the first contact Douglas was clear and enthusiastic, he gave all the necessary info to take a decision. The program Douglas prepared was tailor made, interesting tips and exercises, very clear explanations and total dedication while training. He push me to do great progress! It was really fun, the bars where we trained are very nice too and weather was perfect. I'm... Read more

Mauricio Cardenas Laverde,
CEO Architect Firm

Getting Stronger Every Week!

I've been getting online coaching from Douglas for 2 months now and it's been great. Been getting stronger by the week and looking forward to every time it's time to workout. Hence we decided to continue with a more intense program. The programs that he set up for me were perfect for my needs in the sense of strengthening my techniques for the front lever which I'll focus more on these next months and an overall strength in general. Would... Read more

Dudley Wacha Okot

Douglas Taught Me So Much!

While I was studying as a exchange student, I wanted to try something new and contacted Douglas. I really love to work with experts and people, who know their stuff and Douglas really is super professional, motivated, friendly and super fun to work with. I learned new things, got lots of motivation and got really inspired through his dedication and hard working talent. I had a great time!

Klara Fuchs,
Austrias Number #1 Fitnessblog 2017

I Worked Harder Than I Thought I Could!

No more sitting idle wishing you’d accomplish things you thought were out of reach. Douglas is extremely compassionate, genuine when giving feedback & encouragement, passionate about every task he undertakes, & extremely talented. I was fearful of some things on my own, but with his assistance & encouraging, calm, positive energy, I was able to work harder than I thought I could! I value him for his talents, passion, & ability to encourage & understand all of the emotions others... Read more

Lara Burke,

I Learned Muscle-Up In 10 Sessions!

I always wanted to master muscle up since i was a teenager but never managed to learn it. Then I saw Douglas at facebook with all his skills and he premoted his "how to do muscleup in 30 days" challenge I wrote to him and said that if you can give me the tools do acomplish that goal Im on to buy some Personal Training. With all his entusiasm, skills and passion for teaching me eveything he can in a... Read more

Viktor Chamorro, Owner Båtvårdsspecialisten Värmdö.

Thanks For the Great Help!

I wanted to strengthen my core and overall fitness to help me improve my cycling performance. I got a individual training program and help every week! Douglas helped me with serious coaching and insporation to reach my goals. I can recommend training with Douglas because he is comitted, fun and has a lot of knowledge. Sometimes you need that extra push to move up a step on the training ladder. With Douglas you get that!

Fredrik Ekermark,
CEO ProCyclingMallorca

Great coaching & programs!

I have been training with Douglas for 7 months. Thanks to him I started to be acquainted with calisthenics and working with my own body weight in a structured and holistic fashion He has a structured approach: first you do a series of exercises to assess where you stand. Based on the videos he made a program that was appropriate to my level, challenging but feasible. He regularly he checked upon me. Using WhatsApp was very convenient and effective. I very... Read more

Frank Iller,

The Netherlands

Online Coaching At A Highly Professional Level

I ‘ve been training with Douglas for seven months now. My initial goal was to achieve mobility, balance as well as body control and my progress during this period has been amazingly great. Douglas is a skilled coach who has the ability to build a training program focused on your own goals as well as to adjust it depending on your progress. Online coaching with him is at a high professional level by offering online tutorials and sending personal feedback... Read more

Stelios Kostakis

What's included again?

Only everything you need!

Custom Workout Program

A custom workout program designed after your levels and unique needs to maximize your individual results. We don't just copy-paste programs, we make them from scratch. Oh, and all exercises got videos linked to them for your convenience.

Access Private Coaching

You get a private coach who' dedicated to keep you motivated, on track and inspired as well as tracking your results and improvements to make sure that you're getting the results you want! Everyone needs a helping hand, let a professional be yours.

Feedback, Tracking & More

Receive feedback on your performance, statistics and in-depth information about your progress, adjustments to your current program and someone you always can rely on to help you with whatever your coming up against. We got you!

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