Get Strong Wrists In 5 Minutes!

Have you ever had any wrist pain while working out or in your every day life? I know most people have experienced this at some point or will in the future, and it sucks. Why is it important to have strong wrists? Because the wrists are the first linking part between anything you hold onto and the rest of the body. The wrists are a key component to getting strong and to stay injury free! You’re only as strong as your weakest link, right? And the best solution to fix or prevent it is to stay active and keep your wrists strong before anything happens!

Wrist Stretching (Part 1/2)
This is the first part of this routine, which is more about warming the wrists up and getting comfortable before loading more onto the wrists. Part 2 below. First, find a surface that you can sit comfortably on and get into a sitting position on the floor.

1) Forward Stretch 
Place one hand in the center of your body and the other one for support. Place the hand in the center of the body with the index finger pointing forward, rotate the elbow to point backwards and from here you start leaning. Hold this position for about 15-20 seconds. You will feel a strain in the wrist but it should never hurt, if it does hurt then lean back to reduce the pressure.

2) Back Hand Stretch 
Flip the wrist so that the back of the palm is placed on the floor. From here you want to keep the entire palm glued to the floor at all times and start leaning backwards to create pressure instead. This will allow you to stretch the opposite site of the palm that we stretched in the previous position. Hold this for about 15-20 seconds as well but be careful, you don’t want to strain yourself. You know your body best, so make sure you listen to it and feel where you can’t go further and hold there.

3) Side Stretch
From the back side of the palm laying on the floor you flip the wrist back to the first position but rotate the index finger about 45 degrees so that the index finger points to the side. From here you want to lean to the side and apply pressure. You’re constantly helping yourself with the assisting arm to control the pressure. Hold about 15-20 seconds.

Now that you’ve gone through there 3 stretches, you want to repeat the exercises on the assisting arm to get an even stretch and to warm up both arms. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete and you can rest about 20 seconds between each stretch if you feel like it’s putting too much strain on your wrists. Never push anything that is either cold, sore or too weak at this point as we want to avoid injuries. Pictures provided below.

Wrist Conditioning (Part 1/2)
Now, when you have completed the previous stretches you should perform the following exercises. However, you need take that into consideration that these put a lot of stress on your wrists so you should adjust the load to your own level, which goes for anything really. You can perform all these on your knees to make them easier. There’s no shame in that. Let’s get into it! 

1) Wrist Push-Ups 
These push-ups are known within the calisthenics and gymnastic community to be a great way to condition your wrists for more challenging positions such as the planche, handstand and hefesto. You want to start in a straight arm plank position with your knuckles wrapped and fold them out as you lower yourself into the push-up position. Don’t go to fast down but you don’t want to go too slow either as this does apply heavy pressure on the wrists. Perform 10 reps x2-3 sets with rest in between.

2) Wrist Press-Ups
Not certain on a real name for these, I just know they are hard. When training the wrists you want to put them into uncomfortable positions to force them to get stronger. This exercise does just that, you can also perform it on your knees as this one also pressures your fingers and might come off as a little difficult. Perform 10 raises here x2-3 sets.

3) Reversed Plank Stretch
This is one of my favorite stretches, ever. Why? Because it applies a ton of pressure on the wrists and you can easily control the pressure with the position of your wrists. If you keep the completely pointing backwards (index finger back) you will feel an intense stretch but you can also rotate the index finger a little outwards and ease into it better and stretch like that too. You want to hold this for about 15 seconds x2-3 sets, start on your knees and see how that feels.

There you have it! How to strengthen your wrists in less than 5 minutes and the best part is that it actually works! I have been performing these exercises (and many others) for the better part of 5 years and i’ve never experienced any injuries so far from all my calisthenics freestyle, handstands or other training. It all comes down to routine, you should aim to find a routine that works for you to perform every single workout. If you know what to do before you enter the gym then your going to stay more focused and get better results, for sure!

Good Luck!

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