My Handstand Story

I’ve been doing handstands for years. I remember first starting out at the gym where I was training at while living in Åkersberga, just outside of Stockholm by somewhat 35 minutes of a train ride. There was this gym called Gym & Motion Åkersberga where I got my first gym membership after quitting doing ThaiBoxing. It was this rough, industry-looking gym with a pull-up bar, dip rack, some rusty weights and a few machines. Wasn’t much at the time, but it was all I needed.

My mother lived in Åkersberga at the time and I went to school in Täby, which is about 20 minutes of a train-ride. I had been interested in bodyweight training for a long time and stumbled across calisthenics on Youtube, watching Barstarzz. From there I started doing more basics (push-ups, dips, pull-ups, crunches etc) and eventually I got strong enough to try do handstands.

My handstands was bad. No, they were terrible. And so are most people when starting out, you end up in a banana-like position walking back and forth to maintain that spark of “I can do this” and later falling down to the floor, often crashing down. After months of practice I finally managed to perform a press from crowstance to handstand and managed to control the handstand, kinda.

From there, I was hooked. Standing on my hands is something I’ve been doing daily, ever since. It’s a weird feeling of being in control of yourself while standing on your hands. It’s liberating in a way. And so, wherever I go today I start doing handstands to push my limits and see how far I can go. This photo above is shot in Riga, Latvia during my last trip there for the WSWCF World Cup Stage of Jurmala, 2018. Where I ended up in a shared 13th place with Dana & Milo out of about 26 athletes.

This was just a first post about my journey. I’ll post more in-depth tips on this blog coming up and you’re more than welcome to follow along.

Talk soon!

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