About Me

Douglas Ekermark

I believe anyone can train calisthenics, to discover how their body works and explore how strong and incredible it actually is. The body is not ment to transport the head to work, it's ment to move and be functional. My training is aimed to help if your injured, get stronger than you've ever thought and have fun, all at the same time! 

+ 5 Years of Calisthenics
+ Progressive Training
+ Rehab & Prehab Training
+ Functional Fitness

Internationally Lic. Personal Trainer
Internationally Lic. Nutritionist
Official Swedish WSWCF Organizer
3rd Street Workout Championship of Sweden 2018
2nd Street Workout Championship of Sweden 2015
2nd Freemovr BarGames & Best Trick 2017
And many more...

Business Administration Degree
Calisthenics / Street Workout Athlete
Rewarded International Athlete
Member of Team BeastBarzz

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