Working out while traveling?

We just returned from a two months long journey around the world, visiting tons of countries and amazing places. With all these adventures, one thing has been tough to keep up, and that’s working out. Sure, you’re walking around, swimming, surfing and doing lots of fun stuff but it’s sort of inevitable to fall out of your workout schedule. I’m not going to present a perfect solution but share my thoughts on working out while away.

So we was traveling with a backpack on our backs (roughly 10-15kg + hand baggage of 7kg) and had to carry that wherever we went. Whenever we switched hotel, took the train or boat, everywhere. We first started out by flying to San Fransisco, USA for a few days, then flew over to Oahu, Hawaii. In Hawaii we did tons of working out since we were there for a fitness retreat called Active Escapes Hawaii, which was alot of fun! On average we did 1-2 workouts per day, I shot video and photos of the week as well. During this week we did everything from running, crossfit, beach workouts, SUP and much more!

Here’s a few photos from our weeks in Hawaii.

Anyways, the issues with working out regularly started when we flew from Oahu, Hawaii and spent the next month traveling around in Asia. We visited Japan, Bali, Singapore and Thailand during this month which means we moved around a lot, staying no more than 4-5 days in the same spot and was out on adventures during the days. I’m not saying it’s a huge problem we didn’t workout too much this month but I was thinking a lot about how hard it is to stay in the routine when we got so much things going on all the time.

Looking back on the last month of traveling, I’ve really appreciated the fact that calisthenics / bodyweight training has a huge advantage while traveling since you don’t need much to get going, so that is obviously a big help too stay consistent. But here’s the most valuable lesson of all; it’s okay to take a break. It feels good to say that. I always have a huge pressure on myself to always perform my best, to live up to my own picture of myself and stay on track. Before leaving to travel around the world I was working out 5-6 times per week and about 2-3h per session, which is pretty intense. Going from that to almost nothing, was a huge difference for me, and I felt like I was slacking and not doing enough. However, as time went on I got more comfortable with the idea of not having to feel guilty for not working out and could start to enjoy the trip more. I mean, instead we got to see amazing, huge waterfalls, say hi to wild monkeys, take care of real Elephants at a rescue park, surf, eat local food and so, so much more.

In conclusion…

Yes it’s great if you can maintain your workout program or routines while traveling but don’t let your routines come in the way of living life and enjoying it the most! And if you feel like you can do both, then that’s amazing! In the end you should only do what works best for you and nobody can tell you otherwise!

Talk soon!

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